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About Obviously

Obviously! In addition to being trusted by the Fortune 100 companies we serve, awesome people like Francis, Carolyn, Emma, Gurj, Jonathan, Rachel, Alison have had a great time working with us on lots of projects.
We match our companies (like Uniqlo, Google, The New Yorker, Plymouth Gin, and many more) with people who want to create cool content for them to share online. We’re also social media gurus who work with big brands and startups alike to run huge events and manage their digital media channels.

Starting with Obviously

Logging into your Instagram account DOES NOT give us access to your account—we just need to make sure you’re the one in control of the account.
Create an account using your most influential social media profile and answer a few simple questions to get started. You can browse our current projects, and our team will email you when a new project we think you'll love is available!
Our talent team saw something special in your social media profiles and wanted to invite you to get creative with us and our brands.
No! We have global projects sometimes and are always looking for international collaborations.
We want to work with you because we like what you're doing already -- not because we want to change it.
So we can ship you product over and over again without bugging you for it every time you do a collaboration with a brand you love.
On our Studio, which is completely free to use, we have a whole host of brands that you can choose to collaborate with. They are brands that are looking for people whose vibe matches theirs to create cool content specifically for them. Usually, you will get an awesome product from the brand and then post about it on your feed!
We work with many different types of brands, from fashion to food to tech to travel to home decor. You'll work with the brands that best match your interests!

Working with Obviously

To be considered for campaigns, you must have a social feed that has a minimum of 1000 followers. Check out how to grow your following and become more influential to your followers!
We launch projects frequently, but won't necessarily have a new one every day. Sometimes, projects are only open to a select group, such as "women in Chicago" or "men who represent menswear." Or, the projects aren't open because they are fullly booked.
Yes! If brands would like to buy your photo rights, we will reach out to you directly to negotiate pricing and the photo rights agreement.
We’re always looking for interesting, creative people to help out with projects. We don’t have a certain follower count requirement or any intense rules off the bat -- we match you with the companies that fit you and your followers.
Unless you have a contract with someone else that says you can’t work with us, chances are we can still work with you.
The human element, you’re working with an individual account manager
You’re working with Obviously (and we’re friendly -- check out our profiles!). We handle everything for our clients, because we’re nice like that. Think of us as the party planning committee, and you get to enjoy the party.
We usually have a few things we need you to post (like a link and hashtag), but we want to be sure you post in line with your own voice and visual style. We picked you because we liked you -- we don’t want to change you. We want you to get creative.

Payment / Rewards

So we can pay you quickly if you're working on a collaboration with a cash reward.
We process all cash payments via PayPal.
Product arrives within 5 days on average, and PayPal payments typically arrive in 48 hours or less.
Your Account Manager will negotiate fees on the brand's behalf. Just tell us your required fee before you sign on to a project. Please note that most of our projects are strictly product-for-post.
Corgis are our way of saying "thank you" for being an amazing collaborator. You'll recieve one Corgi per post, as long as it follows all instructions and meets the deadline. You can trade your Corgis for cash and other special rewards.
While many of our projects are unpaid, we often have flexibility with the brand to negotiate a rate with you. You can always let us know if you are only open to paid collaborations, and we will note down your rate and reach out when there is a fit.

Corgi Loyalty Program

It's simple: 1 Post = 1 Corgi!

If you complete a project on time and use the correct project hashtags and promo codes, you get a corgi! We fix deadlines based on campaign specifications desired by the brand, so posting on time and with the correct tags and codes is crucial for us to sign up great brands to work with.
Corgi Expert Tip: Even if an offer requires only 1 post, you can always get up to 2 corgis per offer if you post twice before the deadline.
You can get up to 2 corgis per offer (if you post twice). Considering that you start receiving rewards with only 3 corgis, you can start getting extra cash on your second offer!
Corgis are only granted if the post is done perfectly within the guidelines of the offer (correct hashtag, high level of quality and most importantly within the deadlines). If you didn't get a corgi this time, no big deal, you'll get one next time!
We notify you upon completion of the project that you've received a corgi - and it will show up in your Obviously Studio account.
Just make sure your Paypal email is up to date in your profile on Studio, and the rest is automatic! Once you hit 10 corgis or more, you'll hear from Obviously team members about exclusive offers and events you can choose from.
If you have any questions, let us know.